Knowledge Management

Knowgain is a Knowledge Management Solution which allows any organisation to quickly build and maintain an online repository of knowledge. As Knowgain is accessed via the web, it requires no installation, no hardware and no software to be downloaded. Knowledge is then available worldwide via the internet. By using Knowgain, your staff and customers can quickly search and find the information they require. Helping your customers to help themselves. Using Knowgain you can quickly build self service applications to help your customers help themselves. By building Knowgain into your existing websites your customers can search and find the answers to the questions they have. Thereby reducing incoming calls and emails into your organisation, thereby reducing your customer servicing costs. Improve the efficiency of your staff Your staff also benefit because it enables them to find the information they require faster enabling them to be more productive and better informed. This enables faster response times to customer requests, reduced handling times, increased first call resolution and improved customer service. Contact us now to find out how you can start creating knowledge in minutes.